YIsrayl Hawkins

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38 Responses to YIsrayl Hawkins

  1. Kepha Arcemont says:

    It seems the HOY Agents and Officials are using the PSCEP tactics to promote their propaganda. A new youtube video has been released which attacks the character of those who have revealed the truth about BBYH. The video has voice editing which is taken way out of context and attempts to defame the author and those who oppose the lies of BBYH. I guess they forgot about “do not retaliate!” Instead of studying character education, they need to study the Laws of Yahweh!

  2. sharon says:

    I recently just left the house and No truer words are spoken than on this site. The mind control is so perfect that when I show my husband proof of a lie he calls his kahan and comes back with what in his mind seems like a logical exscuse

  3. Larry Lowe says:

    I was never really “in” the house of y Yahweh. I followed the teachings at home and kept as best I could the Sabbath day and the 613 commandments. do not let anyone deceive you out is a house of lies.they went from worshipping Yahweh to worshipping the cult leader.

  4. maria menzer says:

    I know the devil lives and his name is Yisrayl Hawkins I can not understand my son is doing 30 years and that old fool is still going strong. He must be protected by the devil .

    • kepha613 says:

      In the Hebrew language “ha-satan” or “Satan” means: accuser…Yisrayl Hawkins is the accuser, by definition: someone who imputes guilt or blame. YH never takes the blame for any wrongdoing, and places it on everyone else, in his organization. In the HOY he is perfect in the sight of the members. Your son took the blame for YH teaching him to do things which are not normal for men to do: which led to him lusting after any and all women…I am sure it was YH who taught him to use cervical tools on women, which got him 30 years in prison for using it on his stepdaughter. So you have every right to be upset with YH and demand justice!

  5. maria menzer says:

    Please do not forget Satan is also the father of LIES another fine quality he shares with Buffalo Bill.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you and bless you for this site ..I have a daughter and two grandchildren who are lost to this false profit…i will never quit praying for them..Early in my cancer treatment I learned of this..coping with cancer and the loss if my family took away my desire to live love and write ..finding your website has lit a spark. For the first time in three years I was inspired to write..here’s a poem for the blog.. Hope it changes some lives..
    All hail the mighty branch
    Said the Kool aid cattle on their mighty ranch
    For he is everchanging you can see but a con man in the name of YHWH he may forever be
    He speaks of love with a smile
    Ripping sons and daughters from mothers and fathers all the while
    He speaks of peace with a flashy hick a billy grin
    Yet he”s guarded by his army who were trained in secrets, lies and sin
    He has taken the free
    led them to captivity
    The scholar is now a mute
    Hand over your life and have no fear the Nuclear baby will soon be here
    Following the 613 rules will be no problem you’ll find
    You will have other problems -as you will be brainwashed, beat, overworked, manipulated and underpaid- say good bye to your mind..
    Your family, your life
    Hope you enjoyed you wife
    She is now part of the empire built with blood money and pain
    Like that girl eating only rice
    She can be had for a brides price
    Little Johnny”s toys were burned and he was trained to shoot.
    10 yo Jane must marry soon or will be given the boot
    Sue at the tender age of one will obey
    Fear not if the members disciplining her get carried away…
    We will deny her trained medical care so If she must die
    Do not cry
    Say a prayer
    Cover your head ..chant and stare..
    As long as the right hands are greased
    deception, destruction. and death at his hands may not be stopped or decreased
    But he will be judged for his deeds
    Just as Yahweh separates the flowers from weeds
    All hail the Mighty branch
    Said the kool aid heifers on the mighty ranch..

  7. I says:

    Hi Kepha

    Your email is not working

  8. martese Taylor says:

    hi Kepha I viewed the song, very entertaining, do you think that you may be taking on the role of accuser with all of this, or not at all??? And I am certain you know who the accuser is, no?

  9. Kepha, do you think that you might be taking on the role of accuser in all of this?

  10. Carol Unger says:

    I am looking for my brother who joined this cult in the mid 90’s. His birth name is Charles Reusch. If you have any information, please let me know.

    • kepha613 says:

      He goes by the name of Uriyah Hawkins and works for a contracting company in Abilene, tx called Southwind google them.

      • Carol Unger says:

        Thank you Kepha very much for this information. I and his children have not seen him for about 21 years. I stayed in contacted with him until this terrible man was arrested. I sent him an email stating how could this be your pastor/minister, what if this was your daughter and I never wanted to hear from him again. He is the only person left in my immediate family, all have passed. Thank you again – God Bless, Carol

      • kepha613 says:

        No problem! He’s brain washed and until he wakes up from his delusion he most likely won’t communicate with any family members. His son contacted me last year and I gave him the same info I gave you…

  11. Carol Unger says:

    Thank you again. I sent him a text message and he called me a few hours later, two weeks ago. I am trying to meet with him when we go to Texas tomorrow. He said he may be away on business and he usually does not do lunch in the world. I couldn’t talk long to him, was traveling in the car when he called. The first thing he asked, are you coming to HOY?? I said NO! I have sent him a friend request on face book and was surprise he accepted. Just sent him an email to see if we deed can meet. His one son did reach out, he told me, but I don’t think his siblings know. They were so young when he became a member of HOY.

  12. Damien Stormborn says:

    Any idea on who the last appointed witness is going to be once Buffalo Bill meets Yahweh? Shaul or Michayl? Maybe both will be the 2 new witnesses? That would make for an interesting twist in Yahweh plot for his established house…

  13. Melisandre says:

    Hey Kepha–
    [Are you the Kepha Arcemont who went by this name while actually in the HOY as an elder?]
    I peruse the internet on infrequent random occasions for news of Hawkins’ demise. (This time it was searching for news of the recent TX flooding.) He is, actually, the only person I think, given the chance, I might have been able to kill with my own hands around his evil neck. I’ve let go of that anger after all these years (mostly), and yet still, discovering that he no long drew breath would bring a faint smile. Yeah, it’s on my bucket list: Live long enough to see Hawkins six feet under. My hope would be that once his demented influence is removed, the place would just fall apart. What do you think? Do I have reason to hope?
    Are you still actually in TX? I got out of Dodge before the worst of the idiocy was enforced, many many many years ago. But I guess that depends on your idea of idiocy. For instance, I still am dumbfounded when I remember how so may people (including Hawkins himself, apparently) thought an article about us in Texas Monthly would be a good thing. LOL. I was there for that. But I refused to allow myself or mine to be involved. I still have a copy of that issue of the magazine, and know what that journalist wrote was and is true. I see photos of folks I knew. I get it out every once in a while when I’m depressed and want to be even more depressed. I was a gullible idiot just like the rest but at least I was on the way out by that time.
    I had many good friends at HOY. It still makes me sad I had to leave them all behind, not least of which an elder and his wife and their children.

    • kepha613 says:

      Yes I am he. I set up a website to expose Yisrayl Hawkins and his lies. http://www.themanbehindthename.com

      I’m still in Texas but not in Abilene. Got out alive and thankful to have been able to get back to a normal life without religious interference by sociopaths like YH.

      I think like all other cults it will fall apart there will be some who will try to keep the circus going but I don’t think it will amount to anything!!!

  14. Cristina A. says:

    I am feeling very lost right now. My husband, who was kicked out of the HOY years back, introduced me to HOY teachings and I began a new journey learning about Yahweh and His Sabbaths etc. We began watching the sermons each Sabbath and keeping the law the best we could. I encouraged my husband to try to get back in tough with HOY so we could attend the feasts as a family. I did visit on my own a couple times though I was not impressed at all. After my husband did everything the HOY told him to do with hopes that he would be let back in, they refused to let him come back and now they have cut him off completely, though they still send me mail inviting me to the feasts etc. I have done my own research and found that I do not want to follow YH teachings or be a part of this group. I do want to serve Yahweh and keep his laws. I don’t want to go against my own husband who apparently is still very much brainwashed by YH even though he has been kicked out so many years ago. I want to try other congregations who say they keep the law but my husband insists that HOY is the only anointed place to serve Yahweh at. They won’t let him back in and I don’t want nothing to do with them but my husband insists that we must continue to follow YH teachings and keep trying to see if they will let him back in. I am not sure how to reach my husband. I can’t believe that the HOY is the only place where Yahweh is and that what YH is teaching is really the truth of YAHWEH. I am so sick of hearing about YH every Sabbath and hearing all the songs they sing about him. I want to worship Yah, the most high NOT YH!!!

    • kepha613 says:

      The House of Hawkins is a Christian cult and the brain washing takes years to purge. If you want to learn about how to follow the creator I can suggest some good teachings. The only way to get over this cult is to examine each cult doctrine and see how it stands to scholarly writings and historical records.

    • tiger says:

      I feel bad for you my sister and understand your feeling of loss but you dont need to find anywhere or go to some special place to keep the commandments .To keep the commandments YOU only need to do 2 things Love Ehyah (exodus 3-14) with all your heart and soul and love others and treat them as you would want to be treated ,All of the laws hang upon these 2 principles ,YOUR body is the temple NO need to find another temple because Ehyah has made yours just for you and just like each and everyday your alive Rejoice and be glad in it!! Shalom

  15. angela jeffrey says:

    My husband just left for a feast and decided to stay at this crazy place, I have tried to get him to see the light, I pray for him every day, why dont the police do something about this place, the poor people stuck in there my husband told me he is working and does not get paid just a meal and a tent to live in how can smart people be fooled by this person, I pray my husband gets out alive

    • kepha613 says:

      When people are in a religious cult all they believe is what is being taught to them, in the case of your husband he’s been misled by a professional religious, con artist and the sad part about it is when you’re in a religious delusion, like he is, it is probably more dangerous than taking heroin. Being in a religious cult is definitely an addiction and some people are taken captive by the fact that the world may end, and the guilt they feel from being told they are a sinner disconnected from the Creator, forces them to make wrong choices. If you talk to your husband the last thing you want to do is try to point out the faults of the Cult, because it will only alienate him further from you, you have to find someway to just talk about him, what is he feeling, and not his religious choices because even if you could get him to sit down and go over scriptural question he is only going to answer with the indoctrination that’s been fed to him by Yisrayl Hawkins.

  16. angela jeffrey says:

    Hello I wrote to you back in october of 2016, my husband is still at the hoy living there. I have not gone there to be with him but he keeps trying to get me to move there, my question is he keeps asking me to buy him earrings to were in his ears. I asked him why its so important for him to have them, he will not tell me why. my question is ,, is there some significants to wearing two pair of earrings, what does it mean, we talk all the time and I try very hard not to put down what he is doing , but I continue to pray to Yahweh for his safe return, I have not lost any faith in yahweh, or his laws but do not agree with the hoy. thank you for your answer

    • tiger says:

      It means he wants to become a slave to Hickabilly Bill ,he will have his ears awled on the door post of Hickabillys sanctuary. Hickabilly uses the law to fool people into believing he is the one sent to make himself rich but the best news is that he cant con father time HIS day is approaching!!

  17. Melisandre says:

    I am always saddened by forums of this sort for mainly one reason: acknowledgement is rarely made that Yisrayl Hawkins and his ilk are sociopathic, power-mad con men. Period. There is no spiritual explanation needed, no devil, no scripture, nothing but the fact that the man is deluded, dangerous, psychologically unstable, and has an insatiable need to wield power over others who are themselves psychologically damaged in any number of ways. He is the abusive father figure people who had abusive fathers flock to.

    I was one of those, and, eventually, I came to know many just like me. Men come who want power over women, women come who are used to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, and continue to accept it from husbands and from the “Overseer.” (Do they still cal him that?) I knew Hawkins personally from the beginning as a sick frightening bastard who really did have who knows how many wives and how many “concubines,” and nothing in 3 years changed my impressions or opinions, but I was married to a “true believer,” and I had to wait for the right time and the strength and the courage to get out.

    Hawkins is, however, entirely typical in the world of cults. Nothing special. Nothing special. All you poor folks agonizing, just get out, run for your life. There is NOTHING but madness, lies, and heartache at The House of Yahweh. Oh, and by the way, Yahweh? That, too, is a lie, sorry to break it to you. There is no better conception of this deity in any other organization. And that’s another thing that amazes me, how few people come ALL THE WAY out, out of the spell of religion and all of its various cons. Wake up! Sure the world “out here” is, forgive me, FUBAR, but at least you’ll have some chance at some freedom outside the confines of Hawkins’ stunted, self-serving view of the world and his control over you via scriptures that must be followed. Just say no. Wake up!

  18. Melisandre says:

    Angela Jeffrey, I would like to reply to you directly, because your post begs more than one question. First, is your husband not able to buy earrings himself? If not, why not? Is he on the 44 (the “compound”), unable or not allowed to leave? Is he “working” for HOY but being paid nothing, as though he’s some sort of servant, or better yet, slave? WHY won’t he tell you what these earrings are for? Any or all possibilities should give you cause for concern and have you realize that he is under unacceptable and frightening control by the cult of the HOY and Bill Hawkins.
    Way way back when I was there, I am now remembering that there was a new secret ceremony of some sort that involved ear piercing as a sacred pledge or vow, and I think it was to Hawkins himself. He or one of this lackeys had dug up something from scripture in the OT where somebody or other did that (probably one of the kings or prophets), so he decided that he and the HOY and his minions should do it too. Maybe it was about being a servant or a slave to Y and/or Hawkins. (This was frequent, this “new thing” that was “discovered” in the OT, that had to be implemented at the HOY in order to follow Yahweh’s will more diligently.) I did NOT want to do this, but my unhinged then-husband coerced me, which he had every right to do, of course, just like he had every right to beat me black and blue, which he also did. I was so sickened by the close proximity to Hawkins and the necessity for vowing whatever it was we had to vow that I was nearly sick right there in the room.
    Take it for what it’s worth.

    • angela jeffrey says:

      Thank you for your respons to my question. My husband has been involved with the HOY for a few years now, only going to feasts but always comming home. I dont want anything to do with the HOY, this past October he left for a feast, and called me to say he was stayong to do the work of Yahweh. he lives on the 44 in a small trailer, he told me he ewled his ear to a door as a slave to that mad man Hawkins, but that was a while ago. He has no money but the little blessing they give him for the slave work he does all day, He keeps calling me and want s me to come to a feast, but thats not gonna happen, all the research I have done on this place tells me it is not for me. But I love my husband and I am very concwrned for his health, he is concidered disablaed, due to being shot in his back at close range with a shotgun back in 2006, he was a victime of a violent crome and has several injuries and is not suppose to be working, He is so brainwashed by the teachings of this place, and yes Bill Hawkins was someone who called him quite a bit when he was home, as well as shaune miller and Yliyah Matthews, and David Depasse. I was just woundering why him having earrings was so important to him as he would not tell me why. He does not leave the compound much only once or twice to go to the walmart with someone else. I have made a desicion not to go there, but I do pray that my husband wakes up and returnes to his family, I am so sorry for all you went through while involved in the HOY, I hope your are happy in your life and doing well. My husband and I have three children and Three Grandchildren and I am n not under any situation ever going to leave them to go there

      • Melisandre says:

        The poor man. I can only shake my head in sadness, really.
        Ah, the benevolent Father Yahweh, demanding “work” from your damaged husband! It just further proves the demented pathology of the place, which there has NEVER been any shortage of. I could write a book!
        I wish I had a way to get in there and snatch him away and bring him back to you, Angela.
        Meanwhile, a carefully planned drone strike crosses my mind. No human deaths, mind you, except for Hawkins, who needs to die slowly and painfully. And were it to happen, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon for the slimy hateful bastard.

  19. Melisandre says:

    here, read this:
    a woman who wants a hole in her ear. Sigh.

  20. Daniel Duron says:

    Brother Kepha Arcemont, do you remember me? Daniel Duron Jr. My favorite “Elders” was Bragg and You. I left HOY in 2000 or 2001, after doing one year of “feasts”. I left because I wanted truth, which could NOT be found at HOY. Things like “scripture” being edited, and the treatment of some VERY good friends, left BILE stirring in my mouth. I also befriended “Yedidiyah” (Brian) Burgos (sic) and his dad. They were from NY. The people I met from NY (Elders and “regulars”) were very genuine in showing “Brotherhood”. Email me please, Kepha! I have a Bible Study on Facebook and look for hurting Brothers and Sisters from HOY. I want to be part of the HEALING process. Friend me on Facebook, and I’ll admit you in the bible study. YHWH Jesus (I AM Salvation) has healing power! Looking to hear from you and anyone!!! Love and Blessings to y’all, from The Heavenly Father, Son, and Spirit!

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